Ground & Water aims to work with its clients to deliver solutions, whatever the challenge. The breadth of knowledge and experience within our team enables us to offer a broad range of specialist services.


Meeting all our customers’ requirements is a key element of Ground & Water’s approach. Our geotechnical engineers work with clients to fulfil requirements in the following specialist areas:

  • Piling mat design – Ground & Water can provide advice, in-situ testing and design of temporary working platforms for construction plant, such as piling rigs and cranes.
  • Slope stability and subsidence assessment – Our geotechnical engineering team can provide advice and recommendations for the design and construction for new slopes, cuttings and embankments or the remediation of failed slopes or ground.
  • Plate load testing – Used to determine the ultimate bearing capacity of the ground and the likely settlement under a given load. The results of the plate bearing test are used in the design of temporary working structures such as working platforms for piling rigs or pads for crane outriggers. We carry out in accordance with BS 1377 Part 9: 1990.
  • California bearing ratio (CBR) testing – Normally used for road, runways or car park pavement design, it assesses the strength of the sub-grade. There are several methods we can use to provide CBR values. We employ in-situ testing methods such as Dynamic Cone Penetration and determination of the in-situ CBR of soil (to BS 1377 Part 9: 1990 Clause 4.3) as well as soaked CBR and equilibrium CBR tests in the laboratory.


While provided, as required, as part of geoenvironmental risk assessments and remediation strategies, Ground & Water has the expertise to provide the following specialist services on a stand-alone basis:

  • Topsoil testing, manufacturing advice and certification
  • Waste Acceptance Protocols (Initial Waste Hazard Assessment (WM3) and WAC testing)
  • Flood Risk Assessments.

Following our site investigations, we issue clients with a Preliminary Summary. This condensed report allows projects to move forward and forms the basis for further discussion. Quality and compliance is a Ground & Water core value and all our reports are reviewed and approved by a Chartered team member.

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