At Ground & Water, we are continually taking on new projects. Each has its own unique set of circumstances, requiring our engineering team to pool its skills and experience to deliver workable, sustainable and often holistic solutions, for our clients. Our case studies are examples of some recent challenges we have overcome.

cable percussion rig

The Devil is in the detail

19th March 2020

Asbestos can be present in old construction and industrial sites

Sustainable remediation

17th February 2020

Problems with Piles?

6th December 2019


Hydrogeology Conditions SORTED

6th December 2019

Ground investigation

Boring alongside the River Severn

5th November 2019

London basement

Potential Building Collapse Averted

5th November 2019

Chalk slope stability

Chalking up Another Great Result

8th October 2019

Asbestos remediation

Hand-Made Solution Prevents Housing Development Delay

8th October 2019

Weald Clay testing

Flawed Report Investigated Expensive Issue Averted

8th October 2019

Second Opinion Delivers Significant Cost Savings

6th September 2019

Solid Foundations for Big Tanks

6th September 2019

The D-Day Museum Portsmouth

13th September 2018

Imperial War Museum Duxford – Cambridgeshire

4th July 2018

Whitbread Parking Court – London Borough of Haringey

26th September 2017

27-29 Victoria Road, Farnborough, Hampshire

26th September 2017

Mortimers Lane, Eastleigh

15th February 2017

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