Geotechnical engineering is concerned with the behaviour of earth materials and the application of soil and rock mechanics. Ground & Water undertakes all forms of ground investigation to determine the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of soil and rock and their relation to foundation design, retaining structures and earthworks.

Geotechnical Consultancy – Core Services

The design and scope of each investigation depends upon site-specific circumstances such as the anticipated geology, hydrogeological influences, previous use of the site and the construction proposals. We use data gained from our detailed Ground Investigations to inform the following processes:

  • Bearing capacity calculations and settlement analysis.
  • Soakaway and infiltration testing and analysis (BRE365 and pV percolation tests).
  • Foundation design and assessment.
  • Basement Impact Assessment.

We employ a variety of techniques and procedures as part of our Ground Investigations. The methods and procedures used will be determined by the site-specific circumstances. We can provide them as part of a holistic solution and they include: trial pitting, window and windowless sampling, dynamic probing, cable percussion boreholes and rotary core boreholes. One or a combination of these techniques may be employed on all types of construction project, from individual houses through to large and complex city developments.

Following our site investigations, we issue clients with a Preliminary Summary. This condensed report allows projects to move forward and forms the basis for further discussion. Quality and compliance is a Ground & Water core value and all our reports are reviewed and approved by a Chartered team member.

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