Contaminated land contains substances which are, or have the potential to be, hazardous to health or the environment, including controlled waters and aquifers.

Ground & Water provides high quality holistic contaminated land solutions.

A contaminated land assessment can be required as part of a planning application or to discharge planning conditions imposed by a local planning authority, the Environment Agency or the National House Building Council (NHBC). The assessment is used to evaluate the potential for a pollution linkage and to consider the level of risk and to determine the actions required to manage or mitigate the risk. They generally follow a phased approach.

Geoenvironmental Consultancy – Core Services

Desk & pre-acquisition studies

By carrying out a preliminary risk assessment we gain a thorough understanding of the site’s history, setting and potential to be affected by contamination. The risk assessment comprises desk study research, site reconnaissance and the development of a conceptual site model.

Phase 2
Site investigation

If there is a potential for contamination, an intrusive site investigation and detailed risk assessment will be required. Depending on the risk or risks identified, this could involve soil and groundwater testing and potentially ground-gas and groundwater monitoring.

Phase 3
Remediation strategy

If the site investigation identifies any unacceptable risks, a remediation strategy will be required. The strategy could include excavation and removal of the contamination or installing clean cover, ground-gas protection measures (such as gas membranes, ventilated voids or gas dilution trenches) and groundwater remediation (pump and treat and bio-remediation).

To formulate a remediation strategy, several additional phases of investigation may be required including undertaking site-specific risk assessments using CLEA, CLAIRE and EA Remedial Target modelling.

Phase 4

Verification (or validation) works are undertaken following remediation. The purpose is to confirm the success of the remediation works, and to ensure that site conforms to waste guidance and the appropriate imported materials have been used.

Following our site investigations, we issue clients with a Preliminary Summary. This condensed report allows projects to move forward and forms the basis for further discussion. Quality and compliance is a Ground & Water core value and all our reports are reviewed and approved by a Chartered team member.

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