Case Studies

Manor Park

Ground and Water Limited were appointed to undertake a geotechnical ground investigation for the refushbishment of an Islamic cultural centre in London.

The site was only 600m2 in size and the redevelopment comprised major additions, alterations and structural refurbishments, with underpinning works, to the existing building.

As part of the alterations, an internal wall was to be removed from the ground floor of the building to open out the prayer room. The basement was also to be refurbished and extended into the southern portion of the site.

Ground and Water Limited overcame major access restrictions and Local Authority permission issues to successfully complete the investigation and provide the necessary parameters and details for design of the refurbishment works.


Rydens Way

Ground and Water Limited were appointed to undertake a Desk Study and Phase I Ground Investigation on this flagship development in the centre of Old Woking, Surrey.

The site was a rectangular shaped plot of land approximately 1.79 hectares in size and was a former public open space. The proposed development comprised the construction of 40 plots, mainly consisting of two to four bedroom houses with some two bedroom flats.

Given the town centre location with residential houses bordering all sides of the site, there was a high risk of encountering underground services.

Ground and Water Limited were able to overcome the presence of dense underground services, large scale public access issues and also negative public perception to successfully complete a Phase I Investigation providing details of the sub-surface ground conditions for foundations, contamination and surface water disposal.


Shortfield Garage

Ground and Water Limited were appointed following the unsuccessful attempts of another company to formulate a remediation strategy to the satisfaction of both the Environment Agency (EA) and Contaminated Land Officer (CLO).

The site was a former petrol filling station, MOT centre and village garage located on a Principle Aquifer. The site contained a large 8000 gallon triple compartment underground storage tank and other smaller 500 gallon tanks. The proposed development was to comprise the construction of nine private houses and a new post office/village convenience store.

Within a short period of time Ground and Water Limited were able update the Desk Study to include all required data and investigate and assess this environmentally complex site. A remediation strategy was produced to the agreement of all regulatory bodies.